Present Jokes For Christmas

Present Jokes For Christmas

Funny Christmas Present Jokes 


Mummy, here’s your Christmas present. A box of your favorite chocolates.
Thanks, but the box is half empty.
Well, they’re my favorite chocolates too.


That train set looks fantastic. I’ll take one.
I’m sure your son will love it, Sir!
(With a big sigh) Oh, yes….. I suppose he would. You’d better give me two, then.


Do you have a pink car for my daughter?
Sorry, Sir, we’re all sold out. It seems everyone in the country has bought a pink car this week.
You realise what this means?
Yes, sir. That pink cars are popular this Christmas!


Hi! I’m looking for a nice present for the wife this Christmas?
Well would you like a ring or a necklace or maybe a watch?
Actually she wanted something with diamonds but I only have two dollars.
Well then. I think a pack of play cards will be your best bet!


I’d like a new magaician’s set for my son.
Is he a beginner?
No! He’s been practising the sawing-people-in-half trick for years.
Is he an only child?
No, No! He has a lot of half-brothers and sisters, now!


Darling, you know that shockproof, waterproof, anti-magnetic, un-breakable watch you bought me?
Yes, honey.
Well, it caught fire the other day.
Good grief honey, Are you all right?
Yes I’m Fine and the watch is all right, too. I threw it in the river to put it out.
It cost soo much to throw away.
It’s alright. I fished the watch out of the river and it’s still running.
The watch is still running?
No. The river, Darling!